Guangmei Zhang

Research Assistant

Guangmei Zhang obtained her master’s degree in engineering from Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University in 2021. During her master’s study, she mainly focused on plant protoplast transfection, subcellular localization of interacting proteins, and recombinant transformation of target proteins. She used to work as an R&D engineer at Vazyme(2021.7- 2022.3). In May 2022, she joined iMarker lab as a research assistant.

Representative Publications

Weiliang Mo, Junchuan Zhang, Li Zhang, Zhenming Yang, Liang Yang, Nan Yao, Xiao Yong, Tianhong Li, Yaxing Li, Guangmei Zhang, Mingdi Bian, and XingLin Du & Zecheng Zuo*. Arabidopsis cryptochrome 2 mediates light input to the circadian clock via blue-light-specific phase separation. Nature communication, 13, 2631 (2022).